Class Placement

Class placement will be determined by the criteria set forth by the Dance Xplosion staff. This criteria has been developed to allow each student to achieve the most success in skill development. Each instructor is aware of the criteria and is qualified to place students accordingly.

Class Attire

Proper attire for each class is imperative in order for teachers to properly correct body alignment. Consequently, dress code will be strictly enforced in every class.

Tap/Ballet Combo: Any color leotard and tights, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes, tan slip-on jazz shoes.

Lyrical/Jazz: Shorts/leggings and leotard, half-top, or form fitted tank. Clothes should fit tight in order to see body lines. Black or tan jazz shoes. Hair pulled securely away from face.

Hip Hop: Sweatpants, capris, or shorts. No jeans. Gym shoes.

Ballet: Black leotard, pink ballet shoes. Hair must be in a bun. All ballet classes require pink tights.